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Simple recipe for delicious mascarpone waffle cream in 2 minutes

Waffles with whipped cream are delicious, but cheap is not tasty, and tasty can be expensive. In this article you will learn how to prepare whipped cream in a siphon that is perfect in taste and texture, yet inexpensive.

Table of contents

A simple recipe for delicious mascarpone waffle cream

Preparation time: 2 min


900 ml Decor UP whipping cream (chilled)
125 g Mascarpone
A few drops of arrack flavoring (optional)
1l whipping cream siphon
2 NO2 Kayser cartridges


In a bowl, mix 125g of Mascarpone cheese (usually half a package) with some of the cream.

Prosty przepis na pyszny krem do gofrów z Mascarpone w 2 minuty Make Cream From Milk Step Version GOFREX.com

Pour the contents of the bowl and the remaining Decor UP Master Martini cream (up to the 1l line painted in the center of the siphon)
Cap the siphon and fill with the first NO2 cartridge
Shake the siphon several times in the inverted position
Top up with the second NO2 cartridge and you’re done!

Food cost:

Decor UP (900ml) – PLN 6,99 gross
Mascarpone (125g) – PLN 2.49 gross
NO2 cartridges (2pcs) – PLN 2,40 gross
Aroma – PLN 0.40 gross

You will decorate up to 15 waffles with Decor Up with Mascarpone cream!
Preparation cost per 1 waffle – 0,82 zł gross

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