Waffle Cooking Spray 600ml | Dübör_PR100

Manufacturer: Dübör
Model: TrennAktiv PR100
Quantity: 600 ml
Ingredients: a mixture of natural oils and waxes
To be used on waffle makers, baking trays and grills
Coverage: 30m2 (approx. 300 dosages)
Available in 24H


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Waffle Cooking Spray 600ml | Dübör_PR100

Professional grease for baking surfaces 600ml

The PR100 Waffle Cooking Spray from the German Dubor brand is a mixture of natural oils and waxes that prevent any dough from sticking to baking surfaces. Dübör TrennAktiv_PR100 is eagerly used in the largest networks that use waffle irons or contact grills. The product helps remove burnt dough from baking forms, pans, contact grills, cast iron waffle makers and non-stick coatings. The product comes in a form of spray so it is easy to dispense. A 600ml can is sufficient for 30 m2 of surface area (about 300 dosages).

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29 × 8 × 8 cm


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