Silex TTA_521 2000W Professional Waffle Maker

Manufacturer: SILEX
Model: T-klasse TTA_521
Power: 2000W
Waffle type: square biscuit
Controlling: half-automatic
Warranty: 2 years by the manufacturer
Shipment: 48H


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TTA_521 Professional Waffle Maker for square biscuit waffles by the German brand, Silex – with manufacturer’s warranty!

This professional waffle maker from Silex, the well-established German brand is a top-shelf device. For many years Silex has been manufacturing its equipment only in their factory in Germany. The quality of their products speaks for itself – their high price on the secondary market is still strong and exceeds most solutions offered by competitors by far. The Silex TTA_521 waffle maker is a popular choice for those who produce square biscuit waffles on a large scale.
The controlling computer allows you to choose the right baking programs, giving you 100% control during work.

The pans are coated with a unique, world-famous mix of CAST IRON + TITAN + CHROME coating which prevents waffles from sticking and reduces the time of baking to a minimum.

The patented EnergyEco® system guarantees low energy consumption as 97.7% of the energy is used for heating the pans.
Silex professional waffle makers are a guarantee of reliability and high efficiency for all those places where people queue up waiting for the perfect waffles.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm


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