Bubble Waffle Cones 18x30cm | 500pcs.

Size: 18×30 cm
Material: CRAFT cardboard
Quantity: 500pcs.


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Bubble Waffle Cones 18x30cm | 500pcs.

Bubble Waffle Cones made of brown CRAFT cardboard are the most popular choice of waffle packaging in the US. A visually pleasing presentation of golden brown waffles in a CRAFT carton raises the aesthetic value of the desserts and, thanks to the special size of the packaging (18 × 30cm) it makes the final product visually larger. What’s more, the thick cardboard material provides thermo-isolation. The coating inside the cone prevents softening, while the outer surface does not smudge so you can print your company logo on it without any worries. The cardboard material is approved and can be used for gastronomic purposes. 500 cones are enough to serve waffles made of approx. 35kg of bubble waffle dough mix. GOFREX.com also offers personalized prints (logo, offers, etc.) on 350ml cones. Make your business stand out.

Dimensions 30 × 40 × 35 cm


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