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Bubble Waffle Complete Starter Pack containing 9 elements + Menu

Complete Starter Pack
9 necessary elements
All for the price of the X-9 Bubble Waffle Maker


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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A complete starter pack for Bubble Waffles and a menu with our best recipes

This complete starter pack for professional preparation of bubble waffles along with a ready-made recipe book is a great choice for holiday spots where ice cream or waffles are sold. Would you like to introduce bubble waffles to your holiday offer? Choose the starter pack from GOFREX.com which has been tested and proven to be efficient all around the country. Go with our option and save some time on searching for a new solution and implementing a new product to your menu.

What’s inside the Bubble Waffle Complete Starter Pack?

Our starter pack contains the following:
– X-9 Bubble Waffle Maker
– 5kg Bubble Waffle dough mix
– 5 black Bubble Waffle holders
– 100 pcs. of paper bubble waffle pockets (mixed colors)
– 30 pcs. of disposable plates used under the waffle maker
– Gofrex gloves
– one ladle to portion the dough
– one wire brush for cleaning
– ready-made menu with bubble waffle recipes

Reach hundreds of customers seeking crunchy bubble waffles and make them come to you!

Weight 15 kg


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