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Waffle Stick Waffles | Christmas Trees

Type: Waffles on a Stick “Christmas Tree”
Rotary: YES
Power: 1800W
Timer: 0-10 minutes
Manufacturer: GOFREX
Number of waffles: 4
Waffle dimensions: 22 x 5.5 ( at the widest point) cm


In stock

In stock



Waffle Maker Christmas Tree Waffles on a Stick

The Christmas Tree Waffle on a Stick has a digital display with which we can set the baking time and temperature automatically. The moment you press the START button, the timing procedure will start, with a sound, the waffle iron will let you know when the baking time has elapsed. The device is rotatable, this allows the dough to rise evenly. When rotated, the still liquid mixture, with the help of gravity, coats the bottom mold, so it does not need to contain a large amount of raising agents (powder, soda), so it does not leave a harsh aftertaste on the tongue and does not form a heavy sourdough.

Additional information

Weight 16.2 kg
Dimensions 56.5 × 55 × 24 cm


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