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Silex TTA_521 2000W professional waffle maker

Manufacturer: SILEX
Model: T-klasse TTA_521
Power: 2000 W
Waffle type: griddle 15/10/2.5 cm
Control: semi-automatic
Warranty: manufacturer 12 months
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Professional waffle maker for biscuit waffles TTA_521 from German brand Silex.

The professional waffle maker from the German brand Silex is definitely a top-of-the-line device. For years, Silex has been producing its devices only in a factory in Germany, and the quality of their products, confirmed by the high price on the aftermarket, far exceeds the solutions of competitors. Silex TTA_521 waffle maker is chosen wherever sponge cake (griddled) waffles are produced on a mass scale.

Silex TTA-521 2000W professional waffle maker with patented system EnergyEco®

The patented EnergyEco® system guarantees low energy consumption. The heating module consisting of a robust heater flooded in an aluminum cartridge makes the heat evenly distributed across the plates, and 97.7% of the energy is used to heat the molds. Thanks to the world’s unique alloy of the pans, cast iron + TITAN + CHROME, waffles do not stick to the molds, and the baking time is reduced to a minimum. Sliex T-521 hotplates are designed to speed up baking and increase productivity (up to 24 waffles /1kg mix).

Program the waffle iron to suit your needs

The control computer allows you to select appropriate waffle baking programs, giving you 100% control during operation. Program to your own baking or baking times for your waffles.

Silex professional waffle makers are a guarantee of reliability and high performance where waffles are queued up for.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 40 cm


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