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Ice cream scoops Biodegradable PLA Spoons MIX

Manufacturer: Erremme
Length: 9.2 cm
Quantity per package: 1kg (approx. 615 pcs.)
Price per piece: 0.13 PLN
Type: biodegradable, compostable
Color: color mix


Out of stock

Out of stock


PLA Ice Cream Spoons BIOdegradable

Ice cream scoops made of compostable materials comply with the latest European Union requirements.
Disposable spoons with a length of 9,2 cm for versatile use in catering. BIO PLA ice cream spatulas are an alternative to wooden spatulas.
PLA spatulas do not change the taste of ice cream and there is no risk of dangerous splintering.

Disposable ice cream spoons in accordance with the EU directive Biodegradable EN13342

Biodegradable ice cream scoops from Erremme’s line are made of PLA or polylactic acid and/or other similar biodegradable materials. PLA, or polylactic acid, is a polymer from renewable sources. The material is obtained from the polymerization of lactic acid derived from dextrose (sugar), which in turn comes from sugar cane, corn, beets, wheat and other sugar-rich plants. Dextrose is converted into lactic acid through fermentation, and then into versatile polymers that can be used to make resins or plastic-like fibers.
You can also find other ice cream spoons made from BIO PLA at GOFREX.com.

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