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Gelato Panini Press | Baked Ice Cream in a Roll

The press bakes ice cream in a bun or bakes ready-made buns.
Manufacturer: GOFREX
Pan size: 20 cm
Mold size: 10 cm
Power: 1300W


In stock

In stock


Gelato Panini Press | Baked Ice Cream in a Roll

What is and how does the Waffle Gelato Panini Press work?

Waffle Press for Gelato Panini Press is a professional waffle iron for both baking buns and baking them while preparing dessert. The molds (pans) of the waffle press mounted on a rotating head are covered with a non-stick coating. It is thanks to the 180-degree rotating head that you will bake buns with the perfect shape. An additional advantage of the pan is the very easy to clean shape. Cleaning the plates takes only a few seconds!  Always the perfect baking temperature is ensured by a thermo-sensor combined with microcomputer control. The LED display at a 45-degree angle makes it easy to see the baking parameters. All enclosed in a sturdy stainless steel housing.

What are LodoBurgers?

The original name Gelato Panini comes from Italian and means “ice cream in a bun”. The idea was quickly adopted with great success in the United States, where the product was called “ice cream burger” or “ice cream sandwich” , but the regular bun was replaced by perfectly round sweet buns made from muffin or brownie dough. Americans have also modified the way of serving LodoBurgers, because, thanks to special waffle irons, it became possible to bake ice cream in ready-made, pre-cut buns. It only takes 15 seconds for the dessert to become multidimensional, gaining a crispy crust, the freshness of warm, moist dough, and inside a filling of still cold artisanal ice cream.
For more on how to prepare brioche-baked ice cream, see the article Gelato Panini: A Sicilian Delight That the World Loves

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm


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