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Food Yeast in Powder Dry Instant Pakmaya 500g

Manufacturer: Pakmaya
Country of origin: Turkey
Shelf life: 07/2022
Type: bakery, for pizza


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Food Yeast in Powder Dry Instant Pakmaya 500g

Pakmaya Food Yeast in Powder can be used in the production of various products. Typical examples of applications are all kinds of bread, rolls and fermented confectionery. Food Yeast in Instant Powder is suitable for home use.

Food yeast will work well in any baking where its use is essential

Baker’s yeast can be used both for professional baking and in home baking. They are ideal for baking bread, and rolls, and will also bulk up doughs and yeast cakes.

Pizza yeast ideal for pizzaiolo

With Instant Pakmaya yeast you will make the perfect pizza dough.

Ingredients: Natural yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), food emulsifier.
Storage: shelf life is 2 years if stored in a cool and dry place.
Recommended Use: A quantity of Pakmaya Instant dry yeast can be added directly to the flour or mixed into the dough one minute after starting to knead. Recommended levels are 1-2% based on the weight of the flour.

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