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Corndogs FLIP Rotary Waffle Maker

Type: Corn Dogs FLIP
Rotary: YES
Power: 1200W
Manufacturer: GOFREX
Number of Corn Dogs: 4
Corn Dog Dimensions: 18×4.5 cm


In stock

In stock


Corn Dogs FLIP Rotary Waffle Maker

Rotary baking machine for American Corn Dogs

To meet the expectations of customers, we present an excellent device for baking American CornDogs. The use of FLIP (rotating head) technology makes baking fast and Corndogs light fluffy and crispy. The unit is equipped with a precise digital thermostat, so the temperature is always perfectly adjusted to your settings. The 45-degree angled display has a LIFE VIEW function with a live view of the temperature of the plates. Solidly constructed stainless steel housing. High-quality Teflon coating prevents sticking during continuous use. Waterproof on/off switch. Waterproof INOX steel tubular heaters with 2-year warranty.

FLIP technology is the perfect CornDogs.

FLIP technology allows the dough to rise evenly. After turning, the still liquid mixture with the help of gravity coats the bottom mold therefore it does not need to contain a large amount of raising agents (powder, soda), so it does not leave a harsh aftertaste on the tongue and does not form a heavy scone. In addition, you need less dough to get the perfect CornDog shape than with other devices. As a result, you will set a lower temperature and shorter time for baking.

Gofrex also offers a Ready Mix for making delicious American Corndogs.


Additional information

Weight 14.75 kg
Dimensions 42 × 25 × 30 cm

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