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Waffle packaging best for bubble waffles and more – GOFREX.com

Even the best-cooked dish needs the right packaging. In the case of bubble waffles, this function is fulfilled by cardboard cones, which we offer at extremely attractive prices. The waffle wrappers available in our shop have been made of high-quality material, so you can be sure they will serve their purpose. Gofrex also offers you ice cream cups, trays for Belgian waffles and corn dogs, shake cups.

Waffle packaging at low prices – take a look at our offer

The waffle cornets on offer have been manufactured from double-layered cardboard that provides thermal insulation and resists softening. What’s more, the shape of the packaging makes the waffle appear larger. Waffle packaging are available in colour with universal printing and without printing in the colour of the eco-cardboard.

Gofrex company offer also paper straws, napkins, disposable spoons.

If you have any questions – please contact us. You are more than welcome to purchase.

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