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Dough Mixes

The Best Ready Cakes from GOFREX – Mastery of Taste in Every Bite

Cakes are not only the heart of the confectionery kitchen, but also a symbol of tradition and family moments spent at the table. GOFREX, a leader in the field of professional catering solutions, presents its offer of ready-made dough, which guarantees perfect consistency, deep taste and unforgettable culinary experience.

Dough for easy and quick preparation

Nowadays, when every minute is at a premium, ready-made cakes from GOFREX are the perfect solution for those who do not want to give up the home-made taste of baking, but at the same time are looking to save time. Our offer of ready-made cakes is a combination of traditional ingredients with a modern recipe. Thanks to this, baked goods are aromatic, soft and full of flavor. The offer includes such products as:

  • Christmas Gingerbread and Traditional Gingerbread – perfect for a festive table.
  • Hungarian Kołacz – a taste of tradition in a modern version.
  • Keks – a universal addition to coffee or tea.
  • Chocolate Shortbread and Light Shortbread – perfect for cookies or tarts.
  • Chocolate Brownies – for lovers of the deep taste of chocolate.

Why Choose Ready Cake from GOFREX?

GOFREX is not only a brand, it is above all a guarantee of perfection in each product. Our ready-made cakes have been created for those who want to provide their customers with only the best baked goods. By choosing our solutions, you choose quality, tradition and modernity. Our mission is to provide products that will make every moment spent at the table unique.

Advantages of our Ready Cake

  • Perfect texture: Our dough guarantees the perfect texture of baked goods, so they are always soft inside and crispy outside.
  • Economy and convenience: Thanks to the variety of packaging, you can choose the right amount of product for your needs without wasting a gram.
  • Quality: Carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality, without unnecessary additives and preservatives.


The best ready-made cakes from GOFREX are a proposal for those who want to create perfect pastries, but at the same time value their time. Our ready-made cakes are the key to success in the world of confectionery. Join the group of professionals who have already trusted GOFREX and see for yourself why we are the best choice on the market.

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