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Data protection statement and consent to the use of data by www.gofrex.com 

 Data protection is a matter of trust, and users’ trust is very important to us. To make users feel safe when visiting our site, we strictly comply with statutory provisions when processing personal data. At this point, we would like to inform you about our principles of data collection and use. The following privacy statement informs you about what user data is collected on our websites and which of these is processed and who to contact in relation to this matter. 


  1. Responsible entity and user rightsThe entity responsible for the collection, processing and use of personal data within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act is PPHU GOFREX Maciej Kowalski (hereinafter GOFREX). Gofrex is available as a responsible entity under the following contact details:- By post at: PPHU GOFREX Maciej Kowalski, ul. Błońska 9B, 08-540 Stężyca

    – By phone: +48 88 323 33 88

    – By email: biuro@gofrex.com

    The user may at any time obtain free information about his data that is stored, as well as use his right to correct, block or delete his data. To do this, use the contact details listed above.

    If you do not agree to the processing or use of your data by Gofrex according to these data protection provisions in whole or in relation to individual actions, you may submit your objection by e-mail, by phone or by letter, including using the contact details listed. 


  1. Collection, processing and use of personal dataPersonal data is meant as data regarding factual or personal connections of a specific or possible to identify the person. These include eg.: first and last name, telephone number, address and all basic data that the user provided to us during registration and creation of a customer account.2.1. For each client who registers on our site using the “Create account” function, we set up a customer account, i.e. password protected direct access to the user’s basic data stored by us. The user can here, among others, see his completed, being in progress and recently sent orders or manage his personal data and newsletter.

    2.1.1 Creating a customer account

    When registering a customer account, you must provide the following information (required information):
    – e-mail address
    – password
    – first name
    – last name
    – consent to provisions on data protection

    The invoice address and delivery address should be provided only when the order is placed. To fulfill the order, we need the correct first and last name, address details and payment details. We need the user’s e-mail address so that we can confirm the receiving of the order and its sending, as well as in general for communication with the user. In addition, we use the user’s e-mail address for identification (as the login name) when the user logs in to his client account. 


2.1.2. Using a client account

The user can use his customer account to log in to the Gofrex online store. User data is transferred to other websites only when the user logs in to them. In the case of services that are not offered by PPHU GOFREX, data transfer takes place only with the user’s approval, which can be granted as part of the login process.

If the user does not log out of his client account, he remains logged in. This feature allows you to use some of our services without having to log in again to the customer’s account. For security reasons, the user is asked to enter the password again, for example when changing personal data or placing an order.

2.2. Collection, processing and use of your personal data

We collect, save and process user data as part of the purchase service, including any subsequent warranty, in order to provide our services, for technical administration, for marketing purposes (more on this subject in point 2.3) and to prevent offenses and frauds. Users’ personal data is transferred to third parties only if it is allowed by law, including the purposes of the contract or settlement, for marketing purposes or in the event of prior user approval. For example, as a part of order processing, service providers cooperating with us (eg.: a carrier, logistic company, banks) receive the necessary data in order to fulfill an order. The data provided may be used only for the purpose of carrying out its task.

2.3. The use of customer data for advertising purposes

In addition to processing data as part of the purchase service in the online store Gofrex, we also use customer data for the following purposes: to constantly optimize the user’s purchases as part of a customer-friendly and personalized offer; to be able to contact you in connection with orders and specific products and marketing campaigns; and to recommend products or services to the user that might interest him.

For this purpose, we use the information obtained, for example, confirmation of receiving and reading of e-mails, information about the user’s end device, connection to the Internet, operating system and platform, date and time of visit to the website or products viewed, as well as information we obtain from the user (including information provided automatically or generated by the system). In addition, we also use the order history.

The User may at any time oppose the use of his personal data for advertising purposes in whole or in relation to particular activities, without charging it with costs other than the costs of providing information according to the basic tariff. For this purpose, it is enough to send a text notification to the contact details listed in item 1 (eg.: e-mail, telephone, letter). 


2.3.1 Newsletter

We use the e-mail address provided by the user to send the newsletter. A confirmation of the user is required here, which consists in expressing his approval as an owner of the e-mail address to receive the newsletter.

If the user would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter, he may at any time cancel his consent without incurring costs, apart from the costs of providing information according to the basic tariff. For this purpose, it is enough to send a text notification to the contact details listed in item 1 (eg e-mail, letter). Of course, in every newsletter, there is a link to the resignation of the newsletter.

2.3.2 E-mail messages with recommended products

If the user has made a purchase in the Gofrex online store, then he will regularly receive e-mails from us with recommended products. These messages are sent regardless of whether the user subscribed to the newsletter or not. In this way, we want to provide the user with information about products from our offer that could interest him on the basis of his recent purchases.

If the user would like to unsubscribe from receiving information about recommended products or in general from advertising information, he can at any time cancel his consent without incurring costs, apart from the costs of providing information according to the basic tariff. For this purpose, it is enough to send a text notification to the contact details listed in item 1 (eg.: e-mail, telephone, letter). Of course, a resignation link is available in every e-mail message.

2.3.3 Banner advertising

The data collected during the user’s visit is also used to display the so-called banner advertising. These are advertisements redirecting to third-party websites. This ad usually uses cookies or pixels. Our goal is to develop an advertising offer that will be attractive and useful for the client, therefore as part of the banner advertising, the user can see primarily the products he has already viewed on our site or products similar to those previously viewed by him (so-called retargeting). As part of the banner advertising, we only use pseudonymised data; direct information about the user (eg.: name or e-mail address) is not saved in cookie files.

More information about cookies, pixels and retargeting is provided in points 3 and 6 of these rules. 


2.3.4. Contests, market research and opinion polls

As part of the contests, we use customer data to notify you about the prize and to advertise our offer. Detailed information is provided in the conditions of participation of a given competition.

In addition, we use user data to conduct market research and opinion surveys. Data collected in the in order of market research and opinion research are not used by us for advertising purposes. Accurate tips (in particular related to the analysis of user data) are given in the information about a given survey or in the place where the user enters his / her data. The answers provided by the user in the questionnaires are not shared with third parties or published.

The user may at any time object to the use of data to conduct market research and opinion surveys in whole or in relation to individual activities, without charging it with costs other than the costs of providing information according to the basic tariff. For this purpose, it is enough to send a text notification to the contact details listed in item 1 (eg.: e-mail, letter). Of course, a link to resignation is available in each e-mail with a survey. 


  1. Cookies

Accepting cookies is a prerequisite for using our websites. However, if the user blocks the use of cookies, our website will operate only based on limited functions.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files saved on a user’s data carrier, used to save certain settings and data by the user’s browser in order to be exchanged with our system. There are two types of cookies, so-called session cookies, which are deleted when the user closes the browser, and temporary/permanent cookies that are stored for a long period or permanently on the user’s data carrier. Thanks to the storage of these files, we can properly prepare our websites and our offer in terms of user preferences. This makes it easier for the user to use the website, for example by saving certain user data, so that they do not have to provide them every time.

What cookies uses Gofrex?

Most of the cookies we use are automatically removed from the user’s hard drive after the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies). For example, session cookies are used to offer the user the basket function on many pages of the website. In addition, we also use cookies stored on the user’s hard drive. During the next visit, the service automatically recognizes the user and the information and settings he prefers. Temporary and permanent cookies (storage period from 1 month to 10 years) are saved on the hard drive of the user’s computer and after a specified period of time are automatically deleted. These cookies are used to make our offer even more effective, safer and more user-friendly. Thanks to these files, it is possible to provide the user with information tailored to his interests. The only purpose of the cookies is to adjust our offer as best as possible to the customer’s expectations and thus facilitate its navigation on our website.

What data is saved in cookies?

The cookies used by Gofrex only save pseudonymised data. When activating the cookie, the user is assigned an identification number without assigning the user’s personal data to this identification number. The name, IP address or similar user data that enable direct assigning of the cookie to the user are not saved in the cookie file. On the basis of cookie technology, we obtain only pseudonymised information, for example about which pages of our store the user visited, which products he viewed, etc.

What is Onsite Targeting?

Based on the cookie technology, Gofrex websites collect data to optimize our advertising and the entire online store offer. This data is not used to identify the user but only serves to pseudonymised analysis of how the site is used. Thanks to this technology, we can present the user with advertising and/or special offers and services, the content of which is based on information obtained on the basis of analysis of mouse clicks (for example, an advertisement resulting from the fact that in recent days the user only watched bubble waffle irons). Our goal is to develop the most attractive online offer for the user and to present an advertisement corresponding to his areas of interest.

Are also third-party cookies used (third-party cookies)?

Zalando works with some advertising companies that help in creating websites so that they are more attractive to users. Therefore, during visits to websites on the user’s hard drive, cookies from partner companies are also saved. These are temporary/permanent cookies that are automatically deleted after a specified period of time. Temporary and permanent cookies (storage period from 14 days to 10 years) are saved on the hard drive of the user’s computer, and after a certain time are automatically deleted. Cookies from partner companies also contain only pseudonymised data, usually anonymous data. These are, for example, information about what products the user viewed, whether he made the purchase, what products he was looking for, etc. Some of our partners also collect information about what pages the user visited earlier or what products he was interested in to ultimately display the ads that would best suit his interests. 



Our websites use the so-called retargeting technology. We use this technology to be able to offer users an attractive internet offer. It allows presenting to users who have become interested in our store and our products appropriate advertisement on the websites of our partners. We are convinced that displaying a personalized advertising related to the user’s interests is usually more attractive to them than an advertisement that does not have such an individual relationship. The display of these advertising materials on the websites of our partners is based on the technology of cookies and analysis of previous user behavior. This form of advertising is carried out completely anonymously.

When using our website, cookies are used to collect, save and use data about user behavior. In addition, user data contained in cookies is stored after the end of the browser session and, for example, used during the next visit to the website.

How can you block the saving of cookies?

The browser has settings that allow you to accept cookies only when the user agrees. In this way, you can block the saving of cookies in the future. To accept the use of cookies by Gofrex, blocking the use of third-party cookies at the same time, in the browser settings, select the option “Block third-party website cookies”.

As a rule, you can get information on rejecting new cookies and turning off saved cookies in the menu bar of the web browser via the help function. 


  1. Log filesDuring each visit to the Gofrex websites, the web browser provides data about the user’s behavior, which are saved in log files, so-called server log files. The data records saved in this way contain the following data: date and time of download, name of the page being opened, IP address, reference page URL (the address of the page from which the user was redirected), data volume downloaded, as well as product version information for the web browser used.These data records of the log file are analyzed by us in order to optimize the offer and create the most user-friendly Gofrex store, as well as faster detection and removal of errors and server performance management. In addition, we use data records of the log file to protect against attacks on our Gofrex store, e.g. as part of the so-called distributed denial of service attacks, whose aim is to block access to our store by overloading with queries. 


  1. Google AnalyticsThis website uses the web analytics tool for analyzing Google (Universal) Analytics website statistics from Google Inc. (www.google.pl). Google (Universal) Analytics uses methods to analyze the use of the website by the user, for example cookies, which are text files saved on the user’s computer. The information generated in this way regarding visits to this website is usually transmitted to a Google server in the USA and saved there. If the IP anonymisation function is activated on this site, the user’s IP address is shortened by Google prior to its transfer within the EU Member States or other countries signatory to the agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases, the full IP address is transmitted to the Google server in the USA and shortened there. An anonymised IP address sent by the user’s browser as part of the Google Analytics service is not combined with other Google data. The user may avoid sending data generated by the cookie referring to his use of the website (along with the IP address) to Google and processing of such data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available at the following address: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=enAlternatively, you can also click this link to avoid saving data in Google Analytics on this website in the future. An opt-out cookie is then stored on the user’s device. After deleting cookies, please click on the link again. 


  1. WebtrekkIn addition, in order to conduct statistical analysis of websites, we use the technology of Webtrekk GmbH, Boxhagener  76-78, 10245 Berlin (www.webtrekk.de). Using Webtrekk services we collect statistical data on the use of our Internet offer. These data are used to constantly optimize and improve the Zalando store and our offer to make it more attractive to the user. The company Webtrekk GmbH is certified by TÜV Saarland in the field of data protection in relation to the web controlling software used by Gofrex. In particular, control and certification included the collection and processing of data tracking for compliance with data protection and data security principles. As part of using these websites, data transmitted by the user’s browser is collected and analyzed. For this purpose, the technology of cookies and so-called pixels is used, integrated with each website. In this way, the following data are collected: query (name of the file being called), browser type and version, browser language, operating system used, internal browser window resolution, screen resolution, Javascript activation, enabled / disabled Java, enabled / disabled cookies, color depth, Reference page URL, IP address (only anonymised and deleted immediately after use), visit time, clicks, order values, baskets and anonymised form content (for example, whether the telephone number was provided or not). Direct identification of a person is excluded. The data collected in this way is used to create anonymous user profiles that form the basis for online statistics. Data downloaded using Webtrekk technology is not used, without the explicit approval of the user, to personally identify the user of these websites and are not combined with personal data through the person with a particular nickname.The approval for the collection and storage of data by Webtrekk can be revoked at any time with effect for the future. To do this, open the following link: https://www.webtrekk.com/en/index/opt-out-webtrekk

    After the confirmation, a so-called opt-out cookie is placed on the user’s data carrier. It remains valid for 5 years. It should be remembered that after deleting all cookies from the computer, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted, i.e. the consent to the anonymised collection of data by Webtrekk is still active, it is necessary to put the opt-out cookie again. An opt-out cookie is associated with a given browser on your computer. If a user visits our websites from home and work or using different browsers, he must activate the opt-out cookie in different browsers and on different computers. 


  1.  Retargeting and collection of data by third parties for the purpose of banner advertisingAs part of retargeting and banner advertising, we use third-party services that use cookies on our site. These are the following companies:- Doubleclick by Google, Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; https://www.google.com/intl/no/policies/technologies/ads/

    – Nugg.ad GmbH, Rotherstr. 16, 10245 Berlin; https://www.nugg.ad/en/privacy/general-information.html

    – Adform Germany GmbH; Gr. Burstah 50-52, 20457 Hamburg, Germany; http://site.adform.com/privacy-policy/en/

    – Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA; https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy

    – Criteo CIL, 32 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris, France; http://www.criteo.com/en/privacy/

    – The Rubicon Project Ltd., Walmar House, 5th Floor, 296 Regent St., London, W1B 3HR, United Kingdom; http://rubiconproject.com/privacy/consumer-online-profile-and-opt-out/

    – Yieldlab AG, Colonnaden  20354 Hamburg, Germany; http://www.yieldlab.de/meta-navigation/data-protection/

    – Xaxis, Inc., 132 West 31 Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001, USA; https://www.xaxis.com/static/view/privacy-policy-en


 8. Secure data transmission

We transfer your personal data in a secure manner using encryption. This also applies to the ordering process and customer login. We use the TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding system.

In addition, our websites and other systems are protected by current technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or dissemination of user data by unauthorized persons.

9. Final provisions

Each time you visit the Gofrex website, navigate through it or make purchases on it, you agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data together with its amendments and related regulations of the competent minister. 

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