Bubble Waffles, why the Bubble Waffle phenomenon in Poland 2022?

Gofry bąbelkowe, skąd fenomen Bubble Waffle w Polsce 2020? Gofrex Hero GOFREX.com
Bubble waffles hit the ice cream industry's 2022 season, conquering gastronomic markets on continents to come.

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Bubble waffles, called bubble waffles in English, are a typical example of so-called street food – food available on the street, prepared on the fly and served from small stalls or food trucks.

Gofry bąbelkowe, skąd fenomen Bubble Waffle w Polsce 2022? Adam Dostaje Bubbla GOFREX.com

Bubble waffles – where did they come from?

They first appeared in Hong Kong and, as is now the case, gained admirers around the world thanks to social media. When they captured the imagination of young consumers they also found their way to other continents. They are making a furore in Russia and the United States. Last year they also made their debut in Poland. Last season you could come across them in Poznan, Wroclaw or Warsaw. This year, however, promises their expansion. The effect of freshness, novelty and surprise with their original form will do their job.

How are they made?

Bubble waffles are modified waffles. They are created from a special batter in a waffle iron, which allows the formation of characteristic bubbles. Interestingly, these bubbles can be stuffed during baking, which creates a wide range of possible uses for these waffles. They can be served sweet, but they can be just as tasty in a dry version – as sandwiches with bacon, a side of meat or an egg. They also go well with aromatic sauces (garlic, barbacue, etc.).
The flexible structure of this unusual waffle makes it very easy to shape it into a cone and fill it with filling. The most popular form is to use the cone as an ice cream waffle, in which you can additionally place whipped cream, toppings, sauces or sprinkles. Recently, such a way of serving ice cream has been introduced by Bialystok-based Wytwórnia Lodów Prawdziwych “u Lodziarzy”. The dessert, under the sonorous-sounding name “Bąbel Wafel”, immediately became a real sales hit. In the opinion of representatives of Wytwórnia “u Lodziarzy”, the key to the success of “bąbel” is the taste and appearance.

Gofry bąbelkowe, skąd fenomen Bubble Waffle w Polsce 2022? Bąbelwafle Gofrex Gofry Babelkowe Bubble Egg Waffle GOFREX.com

– As the customers themselves point out, the waffle bubble definitely reigns supreme over the waffles offered at most outlets serving sweet snacks, admits Paulina Danilowicz, development manager of the “u Lodziarzy” chain. – And on top of that, it stands out for its content – dominated by traditional ice cream.

Bubble Waffle are baked on the fly, right before serving, because the dough from which they are made solidifies quite quickly. You can form the cones from them while they are still warm. For this reason, they cannot be prepared in stock. They are always fresh, which is their additional value.

Gofry bąbelkowe, skąd fenomen Bubble Waffle w Polsce 2020? Bubble Waffle GOFREX.com
The right equipment, or bubble waffle maker

It is impossible to create a bubble waffle without the right equipment. A professional waffle maker for their baking resembles a honeycomb. The production process is simple and takes about three minutes. It is a high-margin product, the unit production cost is low, and the selling price, taking into account the novelty effect, can be relatively high. However, it is necessary to serve the bubble waffle with filling in a paper cone, which will allow convenient and hygienic consumption of the dessert.

Bubble waffles combined with ice cream is just one of the possibilities. The palette of their use is very wide. Time will tell whether “bubbles” will be a one-season hit, or whether they will settle in confectionery and ice cream shops for a longer time.

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