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5 reasons why bubble waffles go awry.

Well-prepared bubble waffles attract a lot of customers, and very often are the best source of business income. However, when working with a bubble waffle maker without proper training, it is very easy to make mistakes that result in split waffles. Staff frustration and loss of customers are the most common consequences of failure. Learning from one's mistakes is costly and does not always result in correct conclusions.

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5 reasons why bubble waffles get dislodged

Many of the mistakes made when working with bubble waffle makers are due to a lack of proper staff training and failure to follow simple rules that cause common problems. In this article, we will try to outline the basic causes of split bubble waffles. We will outline the typical mistakes made during the baking of “bubble” waffles, and suggest how to avoid them.

Prepare the doughs for bubble waffles for correct baking.

Bubble waffles are prepared from the correct mixture. The batter for bubble waffles should contain the right amount of sugar – not too much. Too much sugar causes rapid caramelization on the plates of the bubble waffle iron. Dirtying the surface causes the waffles to stick. From matching the mixture results in problems that can turn into a real disaster after a while. Among experienced operators of bubble waffle irons, dry mixtures, i.e. without sugar, are very popular.

5 powodów dlaczego gofry bąbelkowe się rozklejają. gofrex.com
A properly baked bubble waffle is hollow inside.

2 The temperature of the waffle batter is an equally important factor. A mixture kept in the refrigerator will take much longer to bake. Even a longer time may not ensure even baking. An underbaked and poorly steamed waffle is loose in the center and tears easily. If the waffle remains raw inside, it may disintegrate when opening the waffle iron.

It is also worth mentioning that the prepared waffle batter should stand for at least 30 minutes. This allows the gluten contained in the flour to swell under the influence of water and form the right structure.

5 powodów dlaczego gofry bąbelkowe się rozklejają. gofrex.com
104 grams is quite a good result. Such a waffle bakes faster and at a lower temperature, and it is less caloric and crispy.

3. proper dosage of the mixture is also very important in the preparation of waffles. If the mixture lifts the top plate or, even worse, pours out when the waffle iron is closed, it means there is too much mixture. For correct baking, it is a good idea to weigh the waffle on a kitchen scale. The correct weight of a waffle after baking is about 100 gr. The more mixture, the longer it takes for the water to evaporate, which is necessary for the waffle to bake properly inside. If you want to learn how to get the correct waffle weight sign up for our free training*.

Bubbling waffles spill through the waffle iron.

4. bubble waffle maker is equipped with non-stick coated plates, which can be easily destroyed. If the device is new, the problem of waffles spilling out should not occur. If the waffle iron is not used properly, the soiling of the pan coating usually appears after a few weeks. In order to prolong the life of the coatings, it is necessary to remember certain rules and follow the instructions for use of the device.

5 powodów dlaczego gofry bąbelkowe się rozklejają. gofrex.com
Heaters in waffle irons full of caked oil, which caused uneven baking.

The main mistakes that cause sticky waffles resulting from a dirty or damaged waffle iron are:
– too high a baking temperature (above 175 degrees C)
– lack of or improper cleaning of the waffle iron plates
– improper composition of the mix (too rich in sugar and proteins, poor quality oil) – such as mixes from your own recipe
– leaving the waffle iron closed when not baking waffles
– flooding the heaters with oil causes uneven heat distribution and undercooking of waffles.


What to do so that the waffles do not stick?

5 Invest in good quality equipment and follow the instruction manual. Most mistakes are due to unfamiliarity with the equipment.
Replace waffle iron plates regularly when necessary. Some companies offer replacement plates or a comprehensive plate reconditioning service with replacement and inspection.
An investment in specialized training for you and your staff is sure to pay off with delicious waffles, no sticking problems and plenty of returning customers.
You can contact us for.

*Free training only for users of Bubble Waffle X3 and Bubble Waffle X-9 models.

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